In November 2017, Hispanic Federation announced the Amanece/Road to Recovery initiative as part of our UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program launched after hurricane María. Since the storm brought unparalleled devastation to the islands of Puerto Rico, tending to basic human needs after the disaster was most pressing and most of the resources raised have been used to address those needs. However, Hispanic Federation firmly believes that Puerto Rico also needs a vision of how the island can overcome the present crisis and emerge stronger than before.

Hispanic Federation strongly considers that local non-profit organizations and the communities they serve should have a primary role in creating this vision of a new Puerto Rico.

Therefore, the goal of the Amanece initiative is to finance innovative projects that have a long-term vision of recovery and reconstruction for the island and its communities, with an emphasis on sustainability, self-sufficiency, and local collaboration and coordination. These non-profit projects should focus on strengthening infrastructure as well as supporting and reinforcing the socio-economic development of the residents of Puerto Rico. 

How To Apply

The Amanece grant application is by invitation only. To be invited, each organization must complete this preliminary interest form (in Spanish). Hispanic Federation will review and evaluate each project that is submitted.  If we are interested in learning more about your project, HF will be in touch with the primary contact person named in this form to coordinate a site visit. If the site visit is satisfactory and reflects the project information shared in this form, the organization may be invited to submit a complete proposal to request a grant of $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the availability of funds at the time of approval.

Our priority is to support projects that address needs in innovative, resilient, and sustainable ways, in the following areas: Housing, Agriculture, Environment, Renewable Energy, Communications, and Workforce Development. Projects that clearly show how local communities will be involved in their planning, design, and implementation will be prioritized.

Deadline: You may complete this form at any time, but Hispanic Federation only makes decisions in spring and fall, depending on the volume of applications.

Eligibility To be chosen for this program, your organization must be a non-profit with 501(c)3 status and/or a tax exemption certificate under Section 1101.01 of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011; it must be headquartered in Puerto Rico, have a working Board of Directors, a proven record of work in the community where it operates, and have at least two years of audited tax returns for the two most recent fiscal years.

Groups without 501(c)3 status may participate in Amanece if they have a fiscal conduit from another organization having 501(c)3 status and/or a tax exemption certificate under Section 1101.01 of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011.

Geographic Scope: Hispanic Federation will grant funds to organizations throughout Puerto Rico, with special attention to communities that are isolated, historically marginalized, or have been particularly impacted by this disaster.


Hispanic Federation will soon announce the second round of the Small Business Revitalization Program “PopTiendas” Initiative, part of its UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program.

With a budget of over $1M available, the goal of this initiative is the donation of eco-friendly steel shipping containers specially adapted for use as shops (commercial establishments) to help in the renovation or startup of retail businesses and services in Puerto Rico.

Hispanic Federation recognizes that small businesses are the economic engine of our communities, that is why the goal of PopTiendas is to support economic recovery efforts on the island by helping small business owners and non-profit organizations restart their operations.

Additionally, the program seeks to boost entrepreneurial spirit in Puerto Rico by granting PopTiendas to individuals who wish to start new business as well as to community-based, non-profit organizations.

PopTiendas measure 8’ x 20’. This format offers an environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient commercial space for different types of businesses and community projects in Puerto Rico.

The PopTienda initiative is made possible in part thanks to the generous additional support of Coca-Cola Company and Prudential Financial, Inc.

We will soon announce next steps for applicants in the second round of PopTienda donations.

For further information about PopTiendas, please contact