Recap of the emergency medical mission organized by the non-profit organization "Mindo Futures" to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Filmed from October 15th-19th, 2017.
Message of gratitude from Toa Alta for the support they have received.
The medical center in Los Naranjos expresses their gratitude.
In partnership with Warrior Angels and Mindo Futures, we helped evacuate 160 patients in need of urgent medical care from Ponce to the U.S. mainland.
Message of gratitude from Corozal for the support they have received.
Jose Rosario from Hogar Paraiso de Mis Padres gives thanks for the much needed support.
The Center of Orientation and Social Action in Vega Alta expresses their gratitude for support.
Delivering support to those in need in Puerto Rico.