Hispanic Federation will create and implement a strong plan comprised of three crucial recovery strategies: physical repairs of homes, collective advocacy, and community legal assistance.

These strategies are designed to help meet several objectives, which include supporting the coordination of non-profit efforts, decentralizing information, ensuring public participation in the recovery, facilitating access to public and private recovery funds, and promoting collaboration in defense of the right to safe and adequate housing. By consolidating these three strategies, the partners hope build non-profit capacity, offer immediate housing assistance to vulnerable families in crisis, and, at the same time, multiply their impact through collective housing advocacy, thereby empowering people and combating systemic inequality.

The following organizations will participate in, and benefit from, this initiative: Alianza de Líderes Comunitarios, Asociación Mayagüezana para Personas con Impedimento, Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico, Caras con Causa, CMTAS, Coalición de Residentes de Vivienda Pública, Colectivo ILE, Fundación Fondo Acceso a la Justicia, G-8, Hope Builders, Iniciativa de Eco Desarrollo de Bahía de Jobos, Instituto para el Desarrollo Socioeconómico y de Vivienda, Instituto Universitario para el Desarrollo para las Comunidades, Junta Comunitaria de Río Piedras, La Maraña, One Stop Career Center, PathStone Corporation, PECES, Ponce Neighborhood Housing Services, Proyecto MATRIA, Ricky Martin Foundation, Taller Salud, and UbeApie.



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Powerful Initiative to Merge Efforts in the Reconstruction of Homes, Collective Advocacy, and Community Legal Assistance in Puerto Rico

In the wake of two hurricanes in September 2017, an estimated 80 percent of homes in Puerto Rico were damaged. Read the Clinton Foundation Report here.

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