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La Federación Hispana, en unión con los Centros Sor Isolina Ferré, canalizaron las donaciones de más 200,000 personas para ayudar en la reconstrucción de hogares que recibieron daños luego del paso del huracán María


Reconstruyen los techos en El Caño Martín Peña

Comunidades del G-8 crean alianzas con varias entidades e inician un proyecto para rehabilitar 42 viviendas afectadas por el huracán María.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Spends Three Kings Day With Hurricane-Affected Families in NYC, Donates 36,000 Toys to Puerto Rico
Award-winning playwright and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and the Hispanic Federation, spent this year's Three Kings Day (Jan. 6) with hurricane-affected families in NYC.


J. Lo and A-Rod Launch Fund to Aid Puerto Rico's Road to Recovery After Hurricane: A 'Heartbreaking Yet Hopeful Day'

The couple traveled to Puerto Rico over the weekend to announce the launch of the Puerto Rico Federally Qualified Health Centers Disaster Recovery Fund, an effort to boost the work of health centers that provide accessible healthcare to underserved communities in the wake of the damaging hurricane. The effort is in partnership with the Hispanic Federation and in conjunction with RCHN Community Health Foundation.


Light in the Darkness: A Fundraising Campaign to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico
The rush of the daily news cycle can obscure the fact that to this date, millions of American citizens are still facing a humanitarian crisis. Puerto Rico’s path to recovery has been a slow one, exacerbated by a stuttering response from the federal government. Meanwhile, philanthropy hasn’t really stepped up either, at least not compared to the outpouring of support for Houston after Hurricane Harvey.


In Florida, Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria struggle to adjust

In the three months since Hurricane Maria, hundreds of thousands of people living in Puerto Rico left for the U.S. mainland. More than 215,000 arrived in Florida since October 3, when the state began counting. One study estimates more than 470,000 people will leave Puerto Rico over two years. Many need help to make the transition.



Puerto Rico Unity March draws demonstrators in rally for disaster aid

Demonstrators packed the Mall on Sunday for a Unity March in support of disaster relief for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.


More than half of the U.S. territory is still without power, according to the Puerto Rican government website

Thousands of demonstrators, including award-winning playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, marched through Washington, D.C. on Sunday to ensure people don’t forget the ongoing humanitarian crisis in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.


Neoyorquinos marchan en Washington en solidaridad con Puerto Rico.

El creador de "Hamilton" Lin-Manuel Miranda y la Federación Hispana, dirigen la Marcha de la Unidad para Puerto Rico la tarde del domingo.


Marchan en Washington por apoyo a la recuperación de Puerto Rico


Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump: 'We still need your help' in Puerto Rico

The "Hamilton" playwright and actor headlined the Unity March for Puerto Rico in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. Miranda told The Hill in an interview the rally's core message to Trump is, "we still need your help."


Two months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still in crisis

Award-winning "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda joined celebrities, members of Congress and thousands of people who gathered in Washington to call attention to the island's plight. Miranda said Sunday that the Hispanic Federation, which his father founded and he has helped with fundraising, has collected $20 million for the effort.


Lin-Manuel Miranda brings help, hope to Puerto Rico

As the creator and star of the Broadway sensation, "Hamilton," Lin-Manuel Miranda is used to getting mobbed by adoring crowds. But the crowds that greeted him a few days ago in Puerto Rico were different. They weren't there just to applaud him they wanted to thank him.


‘Puerto Rico Needs Us:’ Nurses Volunteer To Help With Hurricane Relief
Dozens of volunteer nurses from the Tri-State Area are heading to Puerto Rico to help those on the island who are still reeling from Hurricane Maria.


Nace coalición boricua "Power4PuertoRico"

Líderes de comunidades puertorriqueñas en Estados Unidos – incluido el artista Lin-Manuel Miranda-, crearon el grupo #Power4PuertoRico, que reclama una ambiciosa agenda que coloque a la Isla en el camino del crecimiento económico.


Lin-Manuel Miranda ayuda organizaciones comunitarias

A través del fondo Amanece de la HF, se beneficiarán inicialmente siete instituciones sin fines de lucro

El dramaturgo Lin-Manuel Miranda en unión a la Hispanic Federation (HF), fundada por su padre, Luis Miranda; hace más de tres décadas, anunció hoy las primeras siete organizaciones sin fines de lucro en Puerto Rico, que se beneficiarán del Fondo Amanece: Camino a la recuperación.


Lin Manuel lleva ayuda a Vega Alta

El artista devela nuevo mural en la plaza y reafirma que estará 'en las buenas y en las malas aquí'


Lin-Manuel anuncia más ayuda para Puerto Rico

Un fondo de $2.5 millones será repartido entre organizaciones sin fines de lucro

Siete organizaciones comunitarias se beneficiarán de un fondo de ayuda económica para la recuperación de Puerto Rico creado por la Hispanic Federation, entidad latina sin fines de lucro fundada por Luis Miranda, padre de Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Lin Manuel trae 2.5 millones para proyectos que den energía a la isla

Tras 48 días del paso del huracán María por la isla, el actor y compositor Lin-Manuel Miranda arribó a la isla, en conjunto con la Federación Hispana, para anunciar que hay disponible un fondo de hasta 2.5 millones de dólares para proyectos que fomenten un nuevo Puerto Rico más resistente.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Hispanic Federation to Launch Puerto Rico 'Road to Recovery' Fund

Award-winning actor, composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda, in conjunction with the Hispanic Federation, today announced that the organization is taking applications for a $2.5 million fund to seed innovative nonprofit projects that aim to build a stronger and more resilient Puerto Rico from island-based groups.


Lin-Manuel anuncia más ayuda para Puerto Rico

Un fondo de $2.5 millones será repartido entre organizaciones sin fines de lucro

Siete organizaciones comunitarias se beneficiarán de un fondo de ayuda económica para la recuperación de Puerto Rico creado por la Hispanic Federation, entidad latina sin fines de lucro fundada por Luis Miranda, padre de Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Lin-Manuel Miranda pushes for support for Puerto Rico at Chicago's National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture in Chicago.


NBC New York aired a behind-the-scenes look at the hit single "Almost Like Praying," benefiting the Hispanic Federation’s UNIDOS hurricane relief fund.



MLB sends aid supplies to Puerto Rico
The Yankees and the Hispanic Federation are supporting the initiative in conjunction with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort, which provided supplies donated by New Yorkers across the state. Dignitaries at the event also included Jorge Perez-Diaz, MLB's senior vice president and special counsel, litigation and international affairs; Jose Calderon, president of the Hispanic Federation; and Melanie LeGrande, MLB's vice president for social responsibility.


Former Yankee Helps Send Off Supplies to Puerto Rico

One-hundred-and-sixty thousand pounds of water, canned food, diapers and minor medical supplies are headed to Puerto Rico on a plane chartered by Major League Baseball.


Lin-Manuel Miranda pens passionate plea to help Puerto Rico 'rise up' after Hurricane Maria

Lin-Manuel Miranda is asking people to help Puerto Rico “rise up” following the devastation of Hurricane Maria.


Puerto Rico desperately needs help recovering from Hurricane Maria. Here's how to help.

The island's crops and livestock were decimated by Hurricane Maria. Survivors can't get food, water, gas, or cash. The electrical grid was all but wiped out when the storm swept over the U.S. territory last week. 


Crisis Worsens In Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

The island's governor is asking the government for more help, as people in the Tri-State Area are still trying to reach loved ones.  CBS2's Elise Finch has more.


#PuertoRicoSeLevanta: Cómo ofrecer una mejor ayuda a los habitantes de la isla

Organizaciones y personalidades boricuas de la ciudad dan consejos sobre cómo cooperar de forma útil y eficiente.


Impresionantes las muestras de apoyo para Puerto Rico desde la Florida

Al menos doce organizaciones se han comprometido con esta labor incluyendo a Acacia Network, Asociación Puertorriqueños Viviendo en la Florida, la Cámara de Comercio de Puerto Rico, la Hispanic Federation, Unidos US, Misión Boricua, Puerto Rican Leadership Council, Hispanic American Political Initiative, Comité de Preservación Cultural, Boricua Vota e Iniciativa Acción Puertorriqueña.


NYC First Responders Depart for PR to Help After Maria

A team of first responders departed Saturday for Puerto Rico to help in the recovery effort after Hurricane Maria.


Alcaldía de NYC y Federación Hispana se unen para llevar donativos a PR
La Alcaldía de la ciudad de Nueva York y la Federación Hispana anunciaron su alianza para llevar equipos de respuestas y donativos a Puerto Rico, tras el paso del huracán María.


New Yorkers Stepping Up With Relief Efforts For Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

The entire island of Puerto Rico remains in the dark after Hurricane Maria, and some people in the Tri-State Area have still not heard from family members on the island.


Hispanic Federation Organizes Relief Efforts to Help Puerto Rico After Hurricane María
September 20, 2017 will go down in history as the day Puerto Rico suffered crushing devastation brought upon the Caribbean island by Hurricane María.



Daddy Yankee Collecting Donations for Puerto Rico & Mexico at Upcoming US Concerts

Urban superstar Daddy Yankee has announced he will be collecting necessities such as water, batteries and diapers, among others, for survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the earthquake in Mexico.