Hispanic Federation Statement on President Trump's Comments About Puerto Rico Relief Aid

NEW YORK, NY. March 28, 2019– Hispanic Federation President José Calderón issued the following statement in response to President Trump's recent comments and opposition to provide Puerto Rico with the disaster relief aid it needs.

"At this point, no one should be surprised by President Trump's disdain for the people of Puerto Rico. Ever since Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017, the White House has given a masterclass in how to mismanage emergency relief and recovery efforts, and neglect American citizens in great need. This isn't because the United States government doesn't have the human and capital resources to help Puerto Rico recover, it is because of President Trump’s personal prejudices and biases against Puerto Ricans. Little surprise, then, that he is threatening to hold up funding for disaster relief work in Florida and the Midwest in order to get Congress to cut aid to the island. Yet the President has sunk lower than usual this time. In calling for cuts to aid he has also targeted support for food programs on which thousands of Puerto Ricans, mainly children, depend for survival. This isn't just cruel, it's inhumane.  Congress must work in a bipartisan fashion to hold the line on support for Puerto Rico. Hispanic Federation will be working with allies in Washington and elsewhere to pressure the House and Senate to create a funding plan for Puerto Rico that gives the island’s residents the respect and support President Trump won't."