The Challenge:

Like most services in the island, education took a hit during the 2017 hurricane season. School buildings and other infrastructure were damaged, and reopening was slow and challenging, learning materials were lost, and personnel and students left the island.

How is Hispanic Federation Helping?

Hispanic Federation (HF) is helping organizations that are focused on strengthening the island’s educational infrastructure through innovation and “basic needs” provision.

Who Are We Helping?

Boys and Girls Club (San Lorenzo) 

Funds were used to identify a new building and replace furnishings for the Boys and Girls Club after their facility in San Lorenzo was damaged beyond repair.

University Student Grants (Island-wide)  

Through HF funding, Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico is providing emergency grants to hundreds of university students to replace books, equipment and educational materials lost or damaged due to the hurricane.

Escuela Superior Montessori Juana Colon (Comerío)

This Montessori school specializes in working with children with disabilities. These children are even more vulnerable in times of disaster. Funding from HF provided for restoration of furniture and supplies that were destroyed by the hurricane.